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The brand


Infor’s brand system bridges the previously disparate areas of industry verticals, product solutions, and corporate initiatives. A cohesive suite of visual cues and standards makes the Infor identity more consistent, recognizable and memorable across audiences and channels.


Deliberate color choices, bold typography, familiar iconography, authentic imagery and personable illustration combine in compositions that grab attention, surprise and delight.


The aesthetic style of the system is clean and modern, with a focus on using simple forms to represent abstract themes. Carefully balanced white space provides structure and contrast.


A modular logic underpins the system, allowing layouts to be easily tailored based on the size, shape and context of the application. This adaptive design expands and scales to an ever-growing list of topics and themes.


The Infor brand’s visual language and tone of voice capture the company’s approachable nature, promoting authentic connections with content that’s both compelling and shareable.​​​​

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