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Product naming

To better reinforce the Infor corporate brand and streamline product names for our customers, we have rationalized and standardized our product-naming conventions across suites, products, and modules. Here are some specifics about the naming convention:

All product names start simply with “Infor". This simplifies product collateral and web updates. Infor10x, and future iterations of this, will continue to be the overarching brand for our entire product portfolio.

No category designation within the name. ERP, SCM, HCM, CRM, FIN, etc. is not embedded in the product and module names in almost all cases. Exceptions to this are EAM and CPM.

Where to find the latest product names

It's important for you to use approved product names any time you reference an Infor product. To find the latest information on product names, please refer to the Product Name Reference Guide​.

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