The Infor logo​

The new Infor logo was created to be modern, clean, and easily identifiable. Its appeal is global, and its visual traits translate across all markets: 

  • It maintains clarity and readability from a distance and at any size
  • The simple square shape is direct and confident
  • The bright red modernizes our legacy branding
  • It feels familiar and friendly​
  • The bold lowercase sans serif font is accessible, and conveys strength and stability
  • The upward slant of the dot in our lowercase ‘i’ is subtle but distinctive, expressing growth, energy, and positivity

Infor logo file versions

Use the correct logo file for all Infor materials to keep the brand strong and consistent.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Use the red Infor logo whenever possible. Black and reverse versions of the logo are available for limited use when no other option exists. The background for the red logo option is white or very light grey. Please discuss any possible exceptions with Hook & Loop.

These are the acceptable versions of the Infor logo:
  • 2-color custom (spot)—To match the red logo color precisely, especially on uncoated stock, be sure to use a POD-approved vendor that has Infor's custom "Infor Red" ink. We use this custom red for stationery/envelope, note card/envelope, and folder offset printing—where it is important to match the business card digital-print red—so that the entire business system coordinates perfectly. The grey "TM" is PANTONE cool grey 10. For more information on our custom "Infor Red", contact Hook & Loop.
  • 2-color Pantone® (spot)For 2-color printing projects where a precise match is not required: signage, premium items, merchandise, small print ads, etc. on white background (preferred application). Colors are Pantone 1797 and white (reverse). The grey "TM" is Pantone cool grey 10.
  • 4-color processUse for all CMYK digitally-printed materials.
  • 1-color 100% blackUse in all media where color is not an option. Examples include fax sheets, one-color merchandise items, and simple graphic media.
  • ReverseThe Infor logo may reverse to white if absolutely necessary. Such a usage case should be rare. In this version, please do not reverse the Infor logo to any color other than white, on at least 75% black.

Download the Infor logo

Download jpg or png logo files for any Microsoft Office application. Please do not scale these files—this causes image degradation. If the size you’re looking for is not in the downloadable folder, contact Hook & Loop and we will customize to your pixel dimensions.
Download .eps (vector) logo files for high-resolution use or vector formatting for print, web, UI, signage, etc. All .eps logos are available in custom red, 2-Pantone spot colors, 4-color (CMYK), and black and white options.

Infor logo spacing and sizing

Define your minimum-required clear space by creating a grid
using the size of the Infor logo (red square without TM) as your
grid cell size, as shown

The clear space around the logo is one-half the logo size or one-half a grid square.

Clear space is the area (180 degrees) surrounding the logo. This space should be free of other graphic elements. Do not allow any element (text, photography, graphics, wall edges, building windows, etc.) to enter the clear space.   


Minimum size: 16px, 4.76mm or .1875 inches
Our logo should always stand out and be easy to read. Therefore, when reducing the Infor logo, please follow this minimum size requirement. These sizes should accommodate most applications. Use this minimum size only if absolutely necessary; otherwise, keep our brand prominent and clear.