The Infor corporate logo


Infor logo

Clear, confident, modern, relatable.

  • It maintains clarity and readability from a distance—at any size
  • The simplicity in shape feels straightforward and confident
  • The color is modern and vibrant—an update from the original, legacy brand red
  • It has a familiar, friendly vibe​
  • The bold lowercase sans serif font is approachable, while still conveying strength and stability
  • The upward slant of the dot in our lowercase ‘i’ is subtle but distinctive, expressing growth, energy, and positivity


Logo color and file type

The Infor logo may appear in multi-color (RGB), and 4, 2 or 1-color (print). All color versions of the logo look basically the same, but the production logo file must be set up based on what media you’re using. How you use the logo determines what type of file is appropriate.

Multi-color (RGB)
Online, PowerPoint, video applications

Use this file for all web (digital) applications.

4-color (CMYK process) 
Print and pdf applications

Use this file format for all digital press jobs and 4-color offset press jobs.

2-color (spot)
Premium items, merchandise and office signage

Use for 2-color off-set printing and materials match colors for interior and exterior signs.

File set up: Pantone® 1797 and Pantone Cool Grey 9.

1-color (black and white)
Small sponsorship ads, merchandise

For jobs limited to 1 color, use the black and white file format. The 1-color logo should not appear in any color other than black and white without approval from Marketing Creative.

Discretion of the Marketing Creative team

The Infor logo may reverse to white if absolutely necessary. This use case should be rare and occur only at the approval of the creative team. Do not reverse the Infor logo to any color other than white. The white logo must place atop a background that is no less than 50% value.


Download the Infor corporate logo

DOWNLOAD the Infor corporate logo file set.

This logo set includes the following file formats in each color option:

  • .jpgs: for any Microsoft Office® application. Please do not scale these files—this causes image degradation. If the size you’re looking for is not in the .jpg folder, contact Marketing Creative​ and we will customize to your pixel dimensions.
  • .png: to use in web and online applications. Helpful in ppt and word doc applications.
  • .eps (high-resolution vector): for use in any professionally printed asset or any media that requires a high-resolution, vector file.

Space and size

Minimum size

The logo must appear at or larger than the following sizes, depending on your media. Much of Infor’s existing brand equity is based on the red Infor square. These minimum sizes ensure that the logo is legible and recognizable in all placements.

  • Online/digital: Minimum height of 40px
  • UI: Minimum height of 2
  • 8px
  • Print (standard Infor assets): Minimum height of .5” (12.7mm).
  • Premium items (i.e., ink pen, thumb drive, etc.) Minimum height: .1875” (4.76mm) 
  • Be sure to see sample proof of these items to judge legibility.
  • Large-scale or environmental materials: Discretion of Marketing Brand team.


Clear space

The corporate logo spacing guidelines ensure our company’s flagship visual identity is unfettered by other elements and stands prominently in any layout or media.

We base the spacing paradigm on the scale of the Infor logo in its placement. If the Infor logo is 1” × 1” (25.4mm X 25.4mm), the minimum-required clear space will be 0.5” (12.7mm). Clear space is the area is 180 degrees surrounding the logo. This space should be free of other elements. Do not allow anything (text, page trim, photography, graphics, wall edges, building windows, etc.) to enter the clear space.   

The clear space on the bottom, left and top of the logo should be equal, even when it exceeds the minimum-required measurement.

Spacing sample

Clear space for sub-brand logo lockups follows the same logic. We put logo spacing guidelines in place to ensure it’s obvious which elements in a composed campaign material relate to one another and which do not.

Infor brand hierarchy

The Infor brand hierarchy outlines the tiers of Infor logos or logo lockups and where they fit within the corporate identity structure.

A logo lockup is when the Infor logo and a text descriptor “locked” together in one file.

Umbrella brand

Sub brands

Corporate Campaign



Program lockups

Event lockups

Technology stack wordmarks



Which to use where

Any and all Infor assets must include a logo or logo lockup from the brand hierarchy.

Corporate logo only

The following assets must include an Infor corporate logo:

  • Office interior and exteriors
  • Corporate websites

Corporate logo and/or sub-brand* logo lockups

The following may use the corporate logo and/or a sub-brand campaign or industry logo lockup:

  • Events and trade shows (corporate logo only for primary hanging signage—booth graphics may use a sub-brand logo)
  • Videos
  • Advertising materials 
  • Social posts and ads
  • Emails
  • Landing pages
  • Events and event sites
  • Infographics
  • Custom collateral

*Technology stack wordmarks

Use tech stack wordmarks for assets dedicated to the subject. A Infor corporate logo must also be present in the asset, but never coupled or adjacent to the technology stack wordmark (i.e., tech stack logo on front cover of brochure, Infor corporate logo on the back cover).


We use these logos mainly on internal-facing assets—within their own ecosystem— for Infor specialized groups. Any external-facing assets using these logos must also include the Infor corporate logo.


Infor endorsed logos are transitional logos for acquired brands. Use these on all acquired assets of the logoed company.

Please contact Marketing Creative​ if you have any questions.