Copyrights and trademarks

Please review the naming architecture guidelines for company and product naming policies. Refer to the Infor Brand (Product Naming) Architecture​ for a complete list of product names.

Always be vigilant about using the proper trademarks when referencing any Infor product, technology, or solution. Refer to the Infor Trademark List​ for the appropriate symbol.  Apply the ® and ™ designations the first time the word/product/name appears in body text. Do not use these designations in titles, headings, captions, sidebars (unless the product name in question appears nowhere else—which would be unusual), indexes, glossaries, or tables of contents. 

Infor maintains trademarks on the name Infor and the Infor logo as well as many technology and solution names and logos. Infor also has inherited trademarks of all affiliate logos and solution names. Our trademarks are valuable assets. They represent the quality, expertise, good faith, and reputation of our company. To protect our trademarks, you must use them correctly in all of the company’s communications—domestic and international; internal and external.

General guidelines

  • Infor logo: The Infor logo is trademarked. A ™ (superscript) symbol is built into the art files.
  • Infor affiliate logos: All include the ™ symbol in the art files.
  • Combined logos: The ™ (superscript) symbols are built into the art files.
  • In text, Infor®, Infor ION®, and Infor 10x® among other proper names use a registered trademark symbol ® at the first occurrence. Be sure to refer to the Infor Trademark List​ for a comprehensive list according to country.
  • Infor Ming.le™ and Infor CloudSuite™​​ are examples of Infor trademarked names that use a superscript ™ at the first occurrence in body copy. Be sure to refer to the Infor Trademark List​ for a comprehensive list according to country.
  • Infor does not require a ® symbol when appearing solely in a trademark statement​.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Body copy does not include titles or subheadings. These areas should not contain trademark symbols. Once you have indicated a trademark in the body copy, you may drop the mark on subsequent mentions of the product or company name.


Infor uses the following trademark statements:

o   Infor external marketing documents—LONG VERSION—non-proprietary and proprietary:
Copyright ©2018 Infor (always use current year). All rights reserved. The word and design marks set forth herein are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Infor and/or related affiliates and subsidiaries. All other trademarks listed herein are the property of their respective owners.

o   Infor external marketing documents—SHORT VERSION—use only when long version does not fit in “live” space:
Copyright ©2018 Infor. All rights reserved.           

Download Infor Copyright statements

Third-party trademarks

Respect other companies’ trademarks, as we expect others to respect the Infor trademark. When referring to a product that is produced by an outside company, or to that company itself, we must use the appropriate trademarks and registration marks, as well as the proper name for the company and/or product. This information can typically be found on that company’s website.​




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